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" Welcome to our Future "

" Welcome to our Future "

" Welcome to our Future " " Welcome to our Future "
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From hand reg to $3000 dollars : 5G #domain name sale closed on Escrow .com

Posted by on May 29, 2019, at 12:09 pm 

The upcoming 5G technology for cellular networks will revolutionize online communication, and domain investor Krista Gable knows that.

With speeds that dwarf existing communication protocols, 5G is about to create a fluid Internet experience, speeding up data transfers substantially, and eliminating latency.

Domain names that contain the “5G” reference are also becoming hot!

Krista Gable’s latest domain sale of the domain 5GRadar.com, demonstrates just that.

Krista hand-registered the domain less than a year ago, and just closed a $3,000 dollar sale via Escrow.com

Source: https://domaingang.com/domain-news/from-hand-reg-to-3000-dollars-5g-domain-name-sale-closed-on-escrow-com/

Kristas POV

“I follow my gut feeling and don’t listen to what some people on domain forums have to say about the future of 5G domains,” said Krista Gable. “My motivation for all my 5G domain registrations was people telling me I would fail. When someone tells me I will fail, I won’t stop until I prove them wrong,” she added.

Krista also owns generic 5G domains – 

For a list of more 5G Brand-able domain names go to 5GTLD.com

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